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Recruiting a Manager

Recruiting a Manager

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During a particularly difficult time in the recent history of the practice, Patricia managed to make an insurmountable problem become solvable.  Whist we recognised the isses with where we were and knew where we wanted to be, we were unsure as to how to manage that change.  Patricia helped highlight the core issues that needed addressing and helped us to navigate through the challenging process of restructuring that was necessary for the pracice to move forwards. In so doing she helped us in the recruitment of a key new staff member. She was available at all times to answer our queries and made the interview and candidate assessment process straight forward and hassle free.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Patricia Gray's management consultancy and recruitment services which is uniquely general practice oriented, given her background as a practice business manager.

- GP Partner, Surrey,

Recruiting a Manager

ImageSelecting the right manager is one of the most important decisions that a practice can make, equal to that of choosing the right GP partner. A good manager will run the practice efficiently and be a trusted adviser to the GP partners, ensuring sound financial management and a happy and well-motivated team of staff.

Embarking on a recruitment project to find a new manager can feel like a daunting and time-consuming task. GPs are primarily clinicians and most doctors are not trained in recruitment procedures or in assessing the skills of applicants for managerial posts.

It is essential to look for candidates with sound management skills.  Some candidates have experience of working in General Practice but other applicants come from different sectors bringing with them skills which might be helpful to the practice.  Without the right process it can be dificult to assess whether an applicant's experience fits with what the practice needs.

There are many pitfalls to recruiting a new manager, such as the risk of selecting the wrong person by not having an objective process, or being challenged for unfairness under employment legislation. It is also vital that there is consensus about the final decision which may need careful facilitation to ensure that all the GP partners are on board.

For this reason, many practices welcome the help and guidance of a specialist recruitment adviser with a good understanding of management in General Practice. We are able to offer a competitive, cost-effective and personalised service to practices, small or large. 

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